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  ROCKWOOL Mattress

Rockwool Mattress

PRODUCT : Rockwool Wired Mats are lightly bonded Rockwool Mats faced on one sided with galvanised wire-mesh for thermal insulation.

STANDARDS : ROCKWOOL Wired mats conform to BS-3958 Part-3 and IS-8183



  ROCKWOOL Pipe Sections

Rockwool Pipe Sections

PRODUCT : ROCKWOOL Pipe Sections are Bonded rockwool, rigid pipe coverings for thermal insulation.

STANDARDS : ROCKWOOL Pipe Sections conform to BS-3958 Part-4, ASTM-C-547 and IS-9842.




Rockwool Slabs

PRODUCT : ROCKWOOL slabs are rigid, bonded Rockwool slabs for thermal and acoustic insulation.

STANDARDS : ROCKWOOL slabs conform to IS : 8183 and meets the requirement of
BS - 3958 Part-5.



  Resin Bonded Glass Wool

Resin Bonded Glass Wool

Authorised Distributors in Mumbai for KIMMCO FIBREGLASS PRODUCTS

For thermal and acoustic insulation of concrete floors in order to reduce transmission of impact sound and energy losses.
For insulation of single leaf walls with dressed stone or marble facings and cavity wall construction, pre cast structures and prefabricated buildings.
For thermal insulation of concrete and metal roof decks. For thermal insulation of industrial applications: boilers, ovens, refrigerators, storage tanks marine and road transport.


DESCRIPTIONS : Semi-Rigid and Rigid boards manufacturers from stable Glass Fibers bonded with thermosetting resins. Capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures encountered in Industrial applications, or in flat roofing.
Capable of withstanding normal loads met in domestic and commercial structures when used below floor screeds. Easy to handle and cut to suit intricate shapes. Light in weight, strong and resilient.


  Thermocole EPS

Thermocole EPS

APPLICATIONS :  Thermocole / EPS is ideal for:
• Packing of Fragile Articles like Electronics and Electrical goods, Glassware, Precision and Lab instruments etc.
Used as containers for Medicines and important Drugs. Ideal for perishable goods
   like Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, etc.
Effective and Efficient insulation for Low temperature appliances i.e. Cold Storage, Industrial  Refrigeration, Refrigerated Vans, Sound Insulation, Commercial and Household Air Conditioning.
Used as multiple layer staggers and broken joint arrangement in pipeline insulation
  carrying chilled brine or water, Air conditioning ducts etc.


Thermocole EPS

Low thermal conductivity and moisture absorbing properties gives protection from temperature variation and humidity.
Satin Finish, Snow white and Clear.
Fungus resistant contains Acoustics properties.
Light weight and Shock proof.
Non-toxic and Leak proof.
Provides Cushioning against breakage, withstand extraordinary stress and vibration.
Versatile - can be easily moulded in any size, shape and thickness.



  Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane Foam

We offers a wide range of Insulation Slabs and Pipe Sections with or without lamination for diverse application such as lamination for under-deck roof insulation, construction and insulation of pre-fabricated modular rooms for refrigerated ware-housing, cold storages and reefer containers Architectural Paneling & Partitions for Offices, Computer rooms and false-ceilings handling equipment in critical industries where temperature conditions play a very important role and also for sound absorption Sound absorption treatment of walls and ceilings, acoustic enclosures.


DESCRIPTIONS : In certain cases for higher temperature, special poly-isocyanurate pipe sections & slabs may be supplied on request which can withstand temperature of up to as high as 140C. Fixing of Slabs & Pipe sections is normally done with local adhesives or bitumen.
Puf Slabs & Pipe sections are available in standard sizes and also special sizes as per Customer's technical requirement.



  PUF Panels

PUF Panels

Polyurethane insulated Panels offer an economical concept for the manufacture of cold-rooms, totally eliminating the usage of conventional insulating materials. We offer customers custom made light-weight, impact resistance panels which are fabricated with GI, SS or as per requirement. Other fittings are manufactured from SS or Aluminium specially required for the food processing industry. Specially manufactured sandwich panel for insulated refrigerated Mobile Van are also available.


Sandwiched Panels comprise of a Rigid Polyurethane core composite with an average density of 423 kg/M sandwiched between two flat faced or profiled metal facings in a one step manufacturing process. Sandwiched Panels are manufactured in dedicated Self-designed Panel Press where the Rigid Polyurethane foam react is poured in a single moulded shot with a High pressure machine.
Heavy emphasis is laid on providing the highest standards of material and workmanship with guarantee on the finished product. Panel locks are an impact resistant which gives it strength without the need for complicated ribs. There is no void information around the lock area and results in retention of strength in the insulated panel.


  Fiber Wool Blankets

Fiber Wool Blankets

Fiber wool blanket is pre-engineered product manufactured from glass filaments which are which are highly chemical & head resistant fibres. The process consist of carding of these fibres and then needle stitched to ensure very good handebility. The process also ensures very good air entrapment to effect good thermal & acoustic properties.


Thermal, acoustic insulation of boilers, Chimney, Vessels, Railway Coaches,
   Furnaces, Ovens, Drying / Process equipments.
Thermal insulation of pipings in Fertilizers, Refineries, Chemical \ Petro Chemical plants,
Thermal power plants, Gas-based power plants for hot & cold insulation.
Solar heating insulation.
Exhaust pipes of Generator Sets.
Cold insulation of ducts.
Air conditioning & Refrigeration plants, Refrigerators & Cold storage.
Storage tanks & vessels.

Fiber wool blankets are used for thermal & acoustic insulation of:
High altitude shelters
Mobile accommodations
Cinema halls, Auditoriums and Commercial buildings
Airport Terminals
Hot/Chilled water lines in hotels, hospitals & buildings

For thermal insulation of ships & off-shore structures.
Importantly used for sound deadening of engine rooms & accommodation quarters.



  GUJWOOL -The Glass Wool for All Purpose Insulation

GUJWOOL -The Glass Wool for All Purpose Insulation

The Gujwool Glasswool
A product of the latest technology is entirely machine-made, machine-stitched insulating material, manufactures from the finest source: Borosilcate C glass composition.
The fibres, produced under stringent quality control and technical supervision, are long, firm and lightweight. Gujwool incorporates excellent interesting, creating dead air cells which result in superlative thermal and acoustic properties, conforming to IS 3690 - 1974.


The Gujwool Advantage
Gujwool's superiority stems from a proprietary manufacturing process and high purity raw materials, which give exceptionally long filaments of a uniform diameter of 5 microns approximately. Thus, Gujwool's high strength filament structure gives it the following advantages:
Unsurpassed insulating value for money
Conservation of energy ensures reduced fuel bills
Improved efficiency guarantees greater profitability
Easy handling
Resistance to gas, steam corrosions, tubulence & mechanical vibration
Resistance to rot & vermin
Safe storage

The Gujwool Application Area
Building : Roof, False ceiling, Walls, Partitions, Floor
Air Conditioning : Chilled/Return water piping & Ducts
Refrigeration : Cold storage & deep freezers, Refrigerant piping, Domestic Refrigerators
Mobile Units : Air conditioned houses, Railway coaches, Refrigerated vans, Tankers, Ships, Aircraft, Bunk Houses
Industry : Process pipelines, tanks & vessels, Heat traced pipelines & tanks
Miscellaneous Uses : Solar collectors, Heaters, Water coolers & Buoyancy


  Loose Wool Mattresses

Loose Wool Mattresses

Process temperature control, energy conservation and personnel protection in the power generating, metallurgical, oil refining and chemical industries, including plant and equipment such as exhaust flues, hot gas ducts, boilers, furnaces, ovens, autoclaves and kilns.


Loose wool/Mattresses is a robust insulation for high temperature application. It is manufactures from selected rocks by an unique centrifugal spinning process.

Loose Wool / Mattresses is available in two forms :
Loose Wool
Mini wool Mattresses

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